How to Use LinkedIn to Attract More Client Leads


When I launched Grit HQ a little over a year ago, I knew I needed to develop my audience.

So, I decided to do the social media thing.

  • I created a Facebook business page and started posting.

  • Then, I got into Twitter for the first time in my life.

  • I even transitioned my personal Instagram page to my business. I was doing behind-the-scenes Instagram stories to develop my audience and network.

I spent hours and hours each week creating graphics in Canva, tweeting, retweeting, cross-posting, sharing, and liking content.

Smarterqueue was my social media scheduler best friend! I scheduled out my instagram content and created beautiful Instagram boards on Planoly.

I was doing everything I could to DEVELOP my target audience.

But, I was missing one key component.

I already had my target audience waiting for me. I just wasn’t speaking to them.

And, with a service-based business (I do social media, web design and content marketing for nonprofits and small businesses) I was missing THE KEY SOCIAL MEDIA platform.

I neglected LinkedIn.

And, I had 10+ years in higher education and fundraising experience.

So, I already had a large LinkedIn network (about 850 connections!). These are previous colleagues from my work in Japan, former professors, collaborators through community projects, and former employees and students. My professional network was already there. I just wasn’t speaking to them.

It was just stupid.

Why was I neglecting LinkedIn?

Like most people, I hadn’t “kept up” with the changes in LinkedIn. I still thought of LinkedIn as a static place to post a digital CV. But…

the LinkedIn of 2018 is something totally different!

It’s where professional content and resources are shared.

It’s where professionals are going to get information and connect.

So, about 6 months into launching Grit HQ I realized my mistake and decided to “Show Up” on Linked In…

… and, IT WORKED!

What content should you be sharing on LinkedIn?

Most service-based businesses that are selling directly to other businesses should be sharing free, relevant content on LinkedIn.

The more you project your strength by sharing your expertise on LinkedIn, the more people think you know what you’re talking about!

Here’s the type of content marketing you should be sharing on LinkedIn:

  • Your own blog posts or news posts

  • Timely news articles that your potential client might find interesting or helpful

  • Information on trends in your area of expertise

  • Candid community or networking posts

I recommend scheduling out your LinkedIn content once every two weeks using Smarterqueue! I use it for all of my business and client Twitter and LinkedIn scheduling.

What’s the best part about Smarterqueue? Not only can you categorize your posts (inspiration, service promotion, own blog posts, expert content, etc.) and then make a schedule for the week, you can create “Evergreen” posts that will continually be recycling in your LinkedIn queue.

One thing that posting on LinkedIn does is remind your current connections (even current clients) that you exist.

Each time you make a post, it’s like showing your face at a community event or putting a ¼ page ad in a magazine or newspaper.

With my use of LinkedIn for Grit HQ, I’ve landed 3 content marketing clients and gotten two opportunities to train small business owners on marketing more effectively and efficiently. And the ROI from those presentations…. WELL WORTH the 45 minutes per week I spend on LinkedIn!

Are you going to start using LinkedIn to promote your business? Connect with me on LinkedIn so I can see what you’re up to!

Do better,

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