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5 Things I Learned in my First Year Marketing a Community Theatre

If you're a nonprofit, chances are you don't have a graphic design and social media expert doing your marketing. Those people cost money.

But, it doesn't mean your volunteer, working board member or administrative assistant who doubles are your marketing coordinator can't still be a nonprofit marketing superstar!

Learn how Emily Steele, a volunteer and our Grit HQ Public Relations Consultant has developed and "failed forward" with her trials and tribulations in marketing a community theatre in Decatur, Illinois.

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Why All Nonprofit Professionals Should Use Grammarly

It was 2016. I was the Director of Public Relations and Development at MRI. Mike with MW Made It and I collaborated on an awesome, branded poster for the first ever Decatur Craft Beer Festival.

The branding for the event was awesome. The logo was awesome (props, Mike!). The poster was awesome. We sent the poster to the printer and distributed matching flyers to 500 or so people. I was really proud of it.

Until I noticed after printing and sending everything out to a gazillion people that “souvenir” was spelled wrong.

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