Donor solicitation letters are our jam.

Hard truth: “we don’t have money in the budget to send a solicitation letter” is not the answer.

Well, it takes money to make money. And most nonprofits leave money on the table by

  1. Not asking at all

  2. Not asking for donations often enough

  3. Not asking for the right thing to the right donors at the right time


And, even if your nonprofit is sending out a thanksgiving solicitation letter each year, there are probably some ways to increase your ROI and engage NEW donors.


Sending out a high-quality solicitation letter that has wow factor and pulls on those emotional heartstrings brings in both immediate and long-term ROI. So if you’re ready to hire an agency to draft an engaging solicitation letter to send to your donors… hire Grit HQ.


We’ll design and craft a solicitation letter that:

  • engages your donors

  • keeps them informed

  • educates potential donors on what you’re about - so maybe they’ll donate next time you ask.

includes client interviews, drafting, design, and coordination with printer

PRICE: $427

❝ Our organization had never sent a direct mail solicitation letter. GRIT HQ helped us tell our story and show the impact of donations on our clients...

With GRIT's help, we sent 735 solicitation letters with a 15.5% response rate. Our agency raised over $100,000 in total donation between Thanksgiving and the year-end, including:

- Five donations between $5-10k
- 1 $20k donation from a prior donor
- 1 $50k donation from a first-time donor

GRIT HQ’s expertise and suggestions led to a successful season of year-end giving. ❞

-Regan Andreas Deering, board president Northeast Community Fund


Do you want to train a member of your staff to craft engaging solicitation letters instead?

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