We all face those roadblocks - nonprofit development directors, board presidents, small business owners. And you can’t do it all alone. If you...

  • feel bogged down by everything (your to-do list, last year’s annual report, social media ROI, this month’s special events…)

  • need feedback on something specific (your marketing strategy, your website design, a game plan for your next event)

  • have fundraising or growth strategies, but need a second opinion

  • want to identify opportunities to diversify income or funding streams


The best ideas happen outside of the work zone. Let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee.


You’ll get:

30-minute individualized consulting session with Kelly.

Email with resources and recommended action steps we discussed during our call.

A copy of the recording that you can always access!


How it happens:

  1. Schedule a call (or in-person meeting if you’re in Central IL) with me via Calendly.

  2. You complete the introduction questionnaire and pay the full invoice of $47.50

  3. I’ll send you a link for you to join me on Google Hangouts!

  4. After our call, you’ll get a follow up email with additional feedback, resources and recommendations based on what we discussed during our call and a bonus video recording of our call.