Why I Decided to Post Prices on my Website


*gasp* You're listing your prices on your website?

Grit HQ offers creative solutions for nonprofits and small businesses. We work with our clients to tell their story and build relationships online.

With the relaunch of Grit HQ, there was one thing I was certain of: I am going to list my prices on my website.

You might be wondering: why is she listing prices on her website? Or maybe you're wondering if it's something you should do.

Here are the 5 of the top reasons why I bit the bullet and decided to put my prices on my website.

1. I'd be more honest.

I want to be the same way in my business life that I am in my personal life: blunt and open.

People who know me, know what they're getting! So potential clients who come to my website can see that I'm blunt and honest...and know what they're getting, too.

I know... I know... but that's not how small businesses work. Aren't people supposed to be surprised when they get an "individualized, customized, super-special and just for them" price quote? Well, I'm all for efficiency over bells and whistles. And, let's get real. These "customized quotes" are 100% standard.

2. I'd make more than $3 per hour.

When I first launched, I COMPLETELY failed at giving in-person quotes. This was especially the case for in-person quotes on print and digital materials and social media management.

People I really respected would ask me "How much?"

In my head I'd figure out the shortest amount of time I could do it in, round down, and then shave a few hours off.

"Sure, I can design and write copy for a tri-fold brochure, lay out a business card, meet you twice in-person for free business advice and throw in a logo (because you need one) for $75 total."

Seriously, people. This was happening.

I didn't value my product, the value I bring to my client, or myself.

So, I'd end up spending 12 hours doing 11 revisions of a flyer (where I'd throw in a logo and another brochure for free) just because they needed one. 

I vastly undervalued the results I provided and stretched myself far too thin.

Now, our pricing reflects the value that Grit HQ offers our clients.    

3. I'd attract my ideal clients. 

As part of my website redesign, I really wanted to focus on talking TO my clients. And my ideal clients - mid-sized nonprofits and small businesses - just want to get down to the basics:

What am I going to get and how much is it going to cost me?

So, by answering those questions right on my website, I'd hear more from the clients who:

  1. Like my style,

  2. Value the work I do, and
  3. Are willing to pay to work with Grit.

4. I'd stop "leading people on."

About 1-3 times per week, start-ups or nonprofits with zero marketing budget would contact me wanting to "learn more about my services." After 3-4 emails back and forth and a phone call and an in-person meeting, they'd decide they didn't have a marketing budget.

Like, a $0 budget.

Fortunately, through in-person trainings, Coffee + Consulting Services, and fresh how-to content, I am able to still help these nonprofits and small businesses with $0 marketing budgets.

But, instead of wasting their time and my time going back and forth, I can give them my pricing upfront and provide other relevant content that might help!

5. My workflow would be easier.

I've had my new website for less than 3 weeks. I've already been able to link directly to my website over 14 times to give people "quotes" and recommendations.

Listing pricing on my website is simply wonderful and reduces so much back and forth with clients!

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