Why You DON'T Need a Trifold Brochure for Your Business


Need a trifold brochure? No you don’t. You need a 30-minute brand consultation.

9 times out of 10, you don't need a trifold brochure designed. You need a better idea of your brand + business.

Erica was one of my first clients when I launched Grit in April 2017. She is a woman with a marketing background in corporate America who also happened to have a pretty rad style.

Erica had already started a pretty sustainable niche lifestyle business.

But, she was looking at expanding her services and thought she needed a brochure.

So she contacted Grit.

What Erica really needed was a better idea of who she was.

Erica needed someone to help her understand “Erica’s Business, Version 2.0.”

Why is branding important for my business?

As Erica and I went through the motions of narrowing her new services, we pinpointed exactly what she wanted the new version of her business to be. Only after that (and 426 emails) did we put everything down onto a branded, trifold brochure.

This is typically how things go.

People don’t know what services they need.

But, 9 times out of 10, before you move forward with anything else, you need to think about your business's branding.

  • Your brand is your business's identity
  • Branding builds recognition with your customers
  • Branding is how your customers perceive you... and what they say about your business to their friends and family

Branding represents your customer's experience with your business.

Basically, good branding tells your customers about who you are, starts a positive relationship, and builds trust with them.

When your customers know, like, and trust you, they are more likely to invest in YOU versus your competitor.

The Grit Process

My experience helping Erica build her brand's identify helped me establish “the Grit process.” 

The Grit process differs from 99% of marketing firms. We don’t say, “Tell me what you want and we’ll make it look pretty.”

We say “tell me what you think you want, send me all of the content that exists - or word-dump everything into Google Drive - and we’ll write copy and design something that is what you really need.”

We’ll write and design something with:

  • Image-focused messaging

  • Solid branding

  • Copy that pops

  • Sincere, edgy storytelling

  • The right calls to action

In the last few weeks, I’ve had 4 other people contact me just like Erica.

And now, when they say “can you design a brochure for me?”...

9 times out of 10 what they really need is a better idea of their brand + business. Someone to help them get a better idea of their business, services they offer, and their brand down on paper.

I am grateful Erica has helped me develop better processes for my clients.

If you are a fledgling small biz or nonprofit, I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t be investing in - a brochure. Invest first in making sure you know who you are. Build your brand.


Do better,

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