introduction to board governance


the central illinois community needs interested and prepared individuals to lead its social service organizations by serving as members of their Boards of Directors.

These volunteer leaders are responsible for setting the direction of the organizations, guiding them, and evaluating how well those organizations serve our community.  

If you live in Central Illinois and are interested in serving on a Board of Directors to:

  • make the community a better place,

  • experience the satisfaction of being a part of your community's development,

  • develop your professional skills including leadership, consensus-building, financial literacy, and legal matters,

then you should enroll in an Introduction to Board Governance course!


Introduction to Board Governance:

· identifies the responsibilities and expectations involved in this kind of community service
· teaches how to be an effective and prepared member of a Board of Directors so you can experience the satisfaction of being a part of your community's success, and
· addresses topics you’ll need to know to be an effective and participating member of a community board.

Through board service, you can also learn and develop in such areas as teamwork, leadership, consensus-building, financial literacy, legal matters, etc., which will be valuable to you in your other professional activities.

this training is an opportunity for you to prepare for community leadership and develop other professional skills.

The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I learned new information, which is what I was hoping for, and all of it is transferable to my job, which is helpful.
— Board Governance Training Student, November 2017

Course Information

The entire course is presented in 3 sessions (2.5 hours each session) to cover necessary material without requiring a large single block of your time.

Enrollment Cost: $25 covers course, materials, light refreshments, etc.

Students who finish all 3 sessions of the course and demonstrate the understanding to be a good board member will receive a certificate of completion.

We will help to connect you with organizations that may have need for new board members. There are always a number of community organizations looking for interested and prepared board members!


We meet Thursday evening from 6:30 to 9:00, Saturday morning from 9:30 to 12:00, and Monday or Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 9:00 - this schedule and timing have proven popular with previous attendees.

If this schedule isn’t good for you, we are open to discussing other options.

Interested in enrolling? Fill out the form below, or contact Bruce Nims via email.

Not having predetermined expectations, this class far exceeded anything I would have expected. Since the class I have promoted it to others and there has been a lot of comments like, ‘Yeah Bruce is AWESOME!’ I concur.
— Board Governance Training Student, January 2018


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Bruce Nims Headshot

Bruce Nims serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Millikin University’s Tabor School of Business and its Center for Entrepreneurship. 

Nims is the secretary/treasurer of InDecatur Ventures, LLC, a local venture capital firm.  Nims is also active in community organizations; he is currently on the Board of the Decatur Parks Foundation, the Historic Decatur Foundation, and the Millikin-Decatur Executive Association.

Nims resides in Decatur with Kay, his wife.  He enjoys hiking, travel, tennis, and skiing.  Nims is a graduate of Millikin University and is retired from a career in Information Technology.  He founded and led Nims Associates, Inc., offering information technology consulting services, for 26 years.


Training is sponsored by the Community Foundation of Macon County, and led by Bruce Nims.