About Grit HQ

Let us build your presence, tell your story, and help you create real relationships online.


Grit HQ uses image-centered storytelling to connect nonprofits and small businesses with their ideal audience.

We get your potential supporters to understand what you do, care about the issues you address, and act.

We use efficient + effective practices to multiply your ROI.

Save your time, money, and pleas for a part-time do-it-all person and allow us to tackle your agency’s marketing and fundraising projects. 


For us, it’s not just about doing things, it’s about doing things the right way.

We helped a soup kitchen raise more than $8,500 on Giving Tuesday when we managed their Giving Tuesday campaign using Facebook and e-newsletters. The soup kitchen gained more than 62 new donors in one day, and raised donations from more than 80 total donors.
We helped a community foundation see attendance more than double at their fundraising event when we revamped marketing and helped with branding for that event. This resulted in a successful fundraising event!
We helped a small youth STEM club implement branding and marketing through social media. The original goal: 12 participants. The result: 72 applications.

"Responsiveness, flexibility and cutting-edge approach of marketing are the building blocks of GRIT HQ. GRIT HQ is a true asset and their knowledge is very valuable. I would definitely recommend working with GRIT."


We put your impact into
THE RIGHT words.

We want people to understand what you do, and care about the issues you address. Our work focuses on truly understanding who you are and what you do so we can reflect your impact in words, images or other marketing.

We create meaningful content that informs, engages and inspires. Partnering with GRIT saves you both time and money while allowing you to do what you do best: improve society and help the community.


"GRIT HQ is an excellent resource for nonprofits looking to take their agency to the next level! GRIT HQ spends time learning about your agency and the best way to tell your story. Their price point is spot on for the nonprofit sector and work is very high quality. Whether you need a small, quick project or long-term plan, I would highly recommend GRIT HQ."

-Regan Andreas Deering, board president Northeast Community Fund